Paw Tricks

drawing of cats receiving snacks

I’ve trained my cats to sit in clementine boxes to receive snacks. Sometimes they sit there expectantly, a little too well - I can’t help but give in. The next part is them giving me one paw to receive a snack. Again, they do this a little TOO well - the paws are very assertive.

Anyway, it’s clear who has really trained who here.

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Everything for Cat

Lately, my life has been 1000% cat. I’ve come across a cat colony in a nearby residential area and I have some mixed feelings about it. There are around 30 cats that I’ve identified, and there are definitely more that are more elusive.

Cute and concerning cat photos under the cut.

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Windows 98 desktop

I’ve added new CSS, adding this Windows 1998 windowed look to each post. I’ve always been really drawn to websites that look like desktops. I’ll make a true version of one of those someday.

Yeah, I also always have intense nostalgia for funner times on Web 1.0: flashy Flash websites, gratuitous (sparkly) gifs, cOlOuReD sCroLL BARS, autoplaying midi music, table layouts created by slicing and dicing images in Photoshop, <marquee>, rainbow cursors, image maps and more! I want to bring these things back, but I mean, I also need to consider the reasons why they’re gone in the first place. I’d like to re-purpose these ideas for today’s web!

I’ve had a lot of fun building this site and learning Hugo! I really enjoy writing SCSS. That is to say, if it’s only my CSS and only I have to worry about it and know where things are. I totally get the sadness of the cascade and specificity wars, though.

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Dini's here

She’s everything to me.


It’s Dini’s world

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